Baby Shower Biscotti

Last weekend we had a celebration of my friend A., of the mother she'll become in just a few short weeks, of the happiness she inspires in all of us.

A. knows her world will soon change forever. 

Does she also know that it will change in unimaginable and indescribable ways? In ways that will unfurl emotions she never even knew she had? That sometimes her heart will feel on the verge of bursting, and on others the verge of breaking?
These are the things you can't convey. The ways that having a child changes who you were and who you are and who you will be.

It's complicated. And joyful. And definitely worth celebrating.

So amidst all the stories of long labors and sleepless nights, and the cups of tea and glasses of champagne, and the cheese and cakes and fruit, and the laughter ... we take time to invite this new little boy into our world. Our bright and busy and noisy and beautiful world. 

We paint him bibs and write wishes on origami bunnies. We admire the changes he's already made.

And then, when the presents are opened and passed around, and the husbands are calling and texting and knocking at the door ... because, well, they've been on kiddie duty for hours ...

We take home sweet little bags of citrus biscotti and chamomile tea.

And, of course, I'll give you the recipe.

And ... the cost? $6 for a 100% organic batch. Which is ... um ... almost too inexpensive. I mean, you get something close to 50 of these little guys, for the cost of 2 fancy coffees. Meaning, of course, you can buy even more books and onesies and chiming, rattling, crackling things. 

You're going to be great at this, dear friend.
Amanda xx


  1. Congratulations to A on her impending motherhood. I can't imagine a better or warmer introduction to the exciting days to come than the one you and your friends provided.

    I also adore how you wrote the recipe right on the image of the flour. You're getting more and more creative, lady.

  2. thank you darling Cheryl ... your comments always mean so much to me 'cos you are truly my blogging inspiration!

    (if you're not Cheryl, and you're reading this ... check out her site - now)

  3. What a lovely post! I'm sure the gathering was loads of fun and that A is so very excited to be able to cradle her little miracle in her arms soon. Such a delicious and thoughtful take away gift you made for everyone and so sweet of you to share it with us. Thank you!

  4. Looks like you all had fun! Congrats to your friend and may she have years of happiness with her child.

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