Your Everyday Pumpkin Soup - Only Better. And Vegan.

I was going to lament about the fact that dear Blogger lost the most recent post I wrote. But then I figured - hey - maybe they're actually providing a free lesson in Zen philosophy. You know, letting go of the past / the future / ideas / emotions.

{if you love something, set it free} and all that ...

So while I'm re-writing my post, why don't you work on letting go of something that's been cluttering up your mind. Over a bowl of soup.

Vegan Roasted Pumpkin Soup 
with Cashew Milk
serves 4

The time
5 min prep + 30 min roasting + 5 min to serve

The ingredients
~700g Jap pumpkin*, cut into segments
 1 Tbs olive oil
1 tsp sea salt
1 cup cashews
2 cups water

*You could substitute butternut squash here.
**As always, use organic ingredients when you can

The process
1. Arrange your pumpkin segments along the bottom of a roasting tray and sprinkle them with the oil and salt. Roast at 200C (400F) until the pumpkin is becoming golden and caramelised (probably around 30 - 40 min ... but to be honest, I just go by how it looks).

2. Meanwhile, pull out your blender and blend up the cashews with 1 cup of the water, until they form a milky liquid. Take out of the blender and set aside.

3. When the pumpkin's done, blend it with the 2nd cup of water. (I blend with skin and all ... all those extra nutrients!) Then add the pumpkin puree to the cashew milk - add more water and/or salt if you need to - and you're done!

The cost
There are so few ingredients here, that if you manage to get a good deal on organic cashews - you're set! I made my 100% organic soup for $4 or so!

So, what are you letting go of today?
Amanda xx


  1. Soup looks great Amanda and I truly needed the message in your post today. Thank you :)

  2. @The Vanilla Bean Baker Ah yes ... sometimes we all need a little reminder like this ;)


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