My Secret Singapore

Streetfood. Fresh carrot juice. Turkish coffees at Kampong Glam. Steamed buns and veggies at the Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant. Market fruit. That vegetarian restaurant right across the street from Robbie's favourite Chinatown vendor. Chocolates at Canele. Lavash bread straight from the oven at Alaturka. Organic snacks from Brown Rice Paradise. The way the light hits the shutters in the evenings. Yummy, cheap sushi from random little supermarkets. Ice cold Tiger beer at glamorous food courts. The view from the 70th floor at hotel restaurants, where they're nice enough to let you go up just to have a look. The way the heat feels like quicksand when you walk out of the air-con. $4 vegetarian set lunches at that hole-in-the-wall Indian place on Havelock Road. Strong coffee and flaky crossaints at Hediard Cafe. The breakfast buffet at Carousel. Fresh Korean food we almost missed, it was so close. The way the people smile.

And then ...
we're off again.

See you in the home of haggis,
Amanda xx


  1. Beautiful! I'd want to keep it a secret too but very glad you shared some of it with us :)

  2. You look to be having the most fabulous time. It is a wonderful place to explore I have to say. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  3. What a fun trip! Thanks for sharing with us!
    -Karriann Graf

  4. I went to Singapore for work last year and LOVED it. The food and the people there are amazing! Great photos, and I really like your blog!


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