How to Eat a Dragonfruit (Insert Roar Here)

We fell in love with dragonfruit last year on our trip to Singapore ... a city that definitely takes its food seriously. Our hotel had a breakfast buffet larger than my townhouse, and we piled our plates high with fresh, tropical fruits.

Like this.

And we invented games with Nelle - (that perhaps set her down the path to carnivory?) - to encourage her to put down her crossaint/flatbread/rice and try some fresh fruit.

We roared.

Each and every mouthful was a fire-breathing dragon, flying naively into her mouth. And, as it did? With its very last breath, it roared.

(Luckily, Sinaporeans are a very child-friendly culture ... they accept behaviour like this.)

So it was that dragonfruit became a favourite in our family. We almost always eat it straight out of the fruit - which can either be pink or white inside, by the way. You wouldn't expect a fruit like this to have a subtle taste, but it does ... lending it well to desserts with other sweetness added. When I eat dragonfruit, I'm reminded of the scent of flowers ... and the sound of dragons perishing, of course.

But if you're interested in trying some other recipes, I've tracked down a few that look pretty yummy!

A fresh salad that also involves macadamia nuts (!!)
A way to dress it up for dessert (or breakfast)
Luke Nyugen's 3-ingredient shake
3-ingredient granita ala Mark Jensen
A mocktail (which I'm certain you could - ahem - adultify)

Hopefully you can find yourself some dragonfruit to try - they're incredibly high in vitamin C, to help keep your immune system fighting ... like a dragon.

Amanda xx


  1. What a beautiful fruit! I've never seen one of these before. It's so pretty I'm not sure I could bear to eat it. LOL! :) Wish I could find some to try it. :)

  2. Such a pretty looking fruit, it reminds me of a flower bud. Have never seen them around my area though. Pity.

  3. Well maybe you'll both just have to take a little holiday in tropical Asia??

  4. Never seen any here in N.Z or maybe I have just never looked. Makes me very interested to find and try one - and of course roar hehe


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