The Need for Green

The countdown has officially begun ... a week from now we'll be feasting on market food in Singapore - finding Robbie's favourite chilli crab in Chinatown, bartering for scarves on Arab Street, and seeing if our favourite little cafe still exists in Little India.

I. can't. wait. It's been a busy few weeks (months?) for our little family, and sometimes we need a trip to re-set the equilibrium. And Sinagpore's only the beginning ... (I'll be posting lots from overseas in the coming weeks!)

But, before we go, I feel the need to binge on Green stuff.
When we're travelling - dining out, eating lots of bread and cheese and pastry and Singaporean noodles and all - I sometimes forget the green. It's not even because I fear getting sick from poorly washed veggies ... it's just ... there are so many other things to try ...

I typically come home from holidays craving Greens with every cell in my body.

So, I thought this time I might have a little pre-travel green binge. Which, of course, necessitated a trip to the lovely Northey Street organic markets with my friend Rose ...

With breakfast, and coffee of course.

And just enough sunshine to feel like basking lizards.

Now, what to do with all this Green stuff??
Amanda xx


  1. Yep, that's how I always feel when coming home from Asia too... after not touching one bit of raw food for 3 months in India I went all out on salads in Thailand, only to get sick! Go figure. Enjoy your trip!

  2. Your upcoming vacation sounds wonderful! Will be eagerly anticipating all the posts to come from (for me) very far off and distant lands.

  3. I love going to the Northey St Markets. It has such a wonderful atmosphere something that is lacking in our markets on the coast. Your trip to be sounds wonderful. Looking forward to sharing it with you via your blog.


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