Highlights of Singapore (I'm on Holiday)

This post is a little break from the usual - I'm on holiday! If you're after recipes and ideas for organic living, please keep checking back ... I'm still posting those. But I also wanted to share with you some of my trip. Beginning in Singapore ...

What did we do in Singapore, you ask? Robbie worked, Nelle and I swam, and well, we ate, and ate, and ate, and ... ate some more! A place that has such a beautiful mix of cultures ... and truly amazing food ... ah.

Want to see some of the highlights?

Arab Street district

magic tabbouleh at Beirut - you could taste each ingredient in it!

One night we went out for dinner in the Arab Street district, full of Iranian and Turkish and Lebanese restaurants (and a random but very popular halal Swiss cafe!) ... and ended up at a small restaurant, which had this amazing tabbouleh. And some apparently very yum lamb (according to Robbie).

Afterwards, we had a couple of coffees at another cafe up the road ... it had the perfect ambience, including a little tent in the back where we could sit on cushions and pretend to be ... well ... somewhere even more exotic. The best thing was the unique combination of flavours - espresso + ginger + cardamom. Great way to finish the evening!

our special Arabian coffees at Heaven Scene - cardamom and espresso and ginger 


One of the highlights for us was watching Nelle devour sushi everywhere we went. She loved loved loved raw salmon. Our little vegetarian's always eaten fish (even when pregnant mummy choked down those fish oil capsules ... ick ... but another story), but the stronger the better as far as she's concerned!

salmon sushi 

We just had to convince her that the big blob of green on her plate was NOT avocado!

Little India

We wandered around Little India one lunchtime, looking at gorgeous fabrics and woodwork and potential food ... and stumbled onto a special little restaurant with two lovely ladies who sat us upstairs in airconditioned comfort and brought us lovely curries and naans and mango lassi ... It was one of those great finds, where the atmosphere is perfect and the food is too. And it was soooo affordable. My favourite combination!

Lagnaa Barefoot Dining in Little India


How's this for thrifty? Our hotel had an amazing spread of pastries in the foyer restaurant ... and after 8pm they were 30% off. So, a couple of nights we picked up some to try out ... in bed, just me and Robbie and a sleeping toddler and the World Cup. Almost perfect, and for only S$5.60 ...

pastry from Carousel at the Royal Plaza on Scotts (great deal on accommodation!)

And every day we walked past this patisserie/chocolaterie, known for its pastries. So, of course we had to try it. But I couldn't resist the unusual teas and chocolates they had. Chocolates with basil and strawberry, or tomato and thyme, or black pepper and anise and cinnamon. Amazing, and really inspiring, too! I can't wait to start playing with some of these combinations at home ...

chocolate + black pepper + anise + cardamom + cinnamon = yum

And my tea was a blend of black tea, strawberry and rhubarb pieces, carrot peels and chocolate. It was perfect.

now this is afternoon tea, at Canele

Nelle Dances on Orchard Road

If you have a daughter, you may be familiar with Angelina Ballerina? Yes? Well, Nelle is obsessed with her! And with dancing ... and ballet ... though she has an unusual interpretation ...

I've missed out heaps of our week in Singapore, but hope you've enjoyed a little taste!

PS. For the first time, I googled 'food blogs in Singapore' for some advice on great places in Singapore - it worked really well! Usually I'm a bit of a wander-and-find ... which is fun, too. Anyway, here are some of the blogs I used on this leg of our trip:

Chubby Hubby - whining, dining & marriage
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Amanda xx


  1. that slab of chocolate looks amazing! i just know that would taste so good.

    amanda the organic eating is going so well in the giftboxology household. i'm making some beetroot tzatziki with organic beetroots and yoghurt today. i've even found aldi have a range of organic staples - some flour, sugar, jam etc. i know its definitely not as good as going to the organic supermarket or markets but it just makes things a bit cheaper.

    although i think i'm actually reducing our food bills as i have been making pasta from scratch (last night we had gnocchi made from organic potatoes and sweet potatoes), your olive oil biscuits and buying less processed foods.

    love the pics. looks like you had a great time.


  2. Divine! Singapore looked just amazing, thanks for sharing all those tummies with us. And Nelle is just the sweetest as always. Enjoying your journey... X


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