Billy Makes Ricotta

Will you please make me a promise? Ok, actually 2 promises ...
1. Always buy the marked down milk at the supermarket when you see it (we don't want it tossed out!)
2. Never let milk in your fridge go off.

I'll help you! I'll give you the easiest recipe ever to make farmer's cheese or ricotta or whatever you'd like to call the basic curdy cheese you can make from any type of dairy milk. For way cheaper than buying it!

Warming .. warming ... warming ... 

I have to thank our friend Billy for humouring me the other night, and letting me show him how to make ricotta from 2L of organic skim milk I got for $1. He did a great job! And even read Nelle a story while the milk heated up ... what a guy ...

Are you ready for the simplest ever recipe? Blink and you might miss it ...

Billy Makes Ricotta


2L milk (skim, 2% or full fat are all fine)
1 tsp salt
1/3 c white vinegar (though I've used other types in a pinch ... this batch was an apple cider vinegar)

*Try to use organic milk when you can

1. Heat the milk in a large ceramic or stainless steel pot over medium heat until the point just before it boils. If it looks like it might start bubbling, or gives a few big belches, it's likely ready. If you like to have more control, heat it to 90C. Stir periodically so it doesn't burn on the bottom.

NOTE: If you forget, and suddenly your house smells like boiling milk ... that's ok! Just continue as below and we'll soak the pan after we're done ...

2. Remove the pan from heat and add the salt and vinegar. Stir. It should separate into curds and liquid (the whey). I tend to leave it for a bit at this point before filtering out the curds.

NOTE: If it doesn't separate, you'll need either more acidity (vinegar) or more heat. Do that now if you need to.

3. Use a strainer or a slotted spoon or a strainer lined with cheesecloth to strain out the curds. You're done! But save the liquid - it's great for baking with, and for soaking grains or beans.

4. Store your ricotta in an airtight container in the fridge and use within a few days. The whey will keep for a week or two in a jar in the fridge.

Nice work! We all celebrated with a couple of cold beers ...

How much did this cost me?

Um, $1!!

Amanda xx


  1. YAY! thank you so much. i made my first batch a few days ago and bought some more barambah on special on making my second batch now! delicious! just one question - what sorts of things can i make with all the whey?

  2. Great! I use the whey

    in cooking ... you can boil veggies in it or pasta, etc ...

    or in baking ... use it in muffins or cakes in place of milk. It won't be as rich as milk, but it's not as different as you'd expect.

    Hope this helps!
    A x

  3. I made your ricotta and it was delish, I then blogged about it and pinged back here it was such a great, easy recipe!
    Thank you for this post xx


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