Sunshine Waffles

My poor baby girl, she's been flu-ey all week ... so I was pretty thrilled this morning when she requested and ate a wholegrain waffle with butter and maple syrup. Well, she didn't request the wholegrain part (but that's what she gets around here) ... I had one too, in the sunshine. And we both felt pretty good.

Sunshine Waffles 
(Oat and Wholemeal Waffles)

Makes 4 waffles or 12 x 2cm pancakes
Adapted from The Electric Vegetarian

1 c rolled oats, ground into a flour in a food processor or coffee grinder
1 1/4 c wholemeal flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt

2 free-range eggs
2 Tbs extra virgin olive oil
1 Tbs honey or agave syrup or malt syrup or maple syrup
1 1/4 c milk

*Use organic ingredients when you can

1. Preheat the waffle iron.

2. Stir together all the dry ingredients. Then add the wet ingredients and mix well (but don't over mix).

3. Now, how much you put into your waffle iron at a time will depend on how big it is ... mine takes about 1/2 c at a time. Make your waffles according to the directions of your particular model.

4. To serve, separate into segments and drizzle with melted butter and maple syrup. Yum! Any leftovers can go in an airtight bag in the fridge or freezer for another day.

NOTE: You can make these as pancakes, too - just warm up a frying pan on med-high heat (you can use non-stick pan or a cast-iron pan with 1 Tbs oil) and drop heaping spoonfuls of batter in. Turn them over when they start to bubble on top, and when they're nicely browned on the bottom. When they're golden on both sides, they're done!

How much did this cost me?

I used all organic ingredients, except for the baking powder and salt. The oats and flour cost me about $1.00 together, and the eggs were $0.50 each. I actually used whey from a previous ricotta-making venture instead of milk, so that cost me nothing. The rest of the ingredients totalled around $0.50. So my waffles were about $2.50 total. But who can put a price on happiness?

Amanda xx


  1. This was well received by little nephews and I got requests for it to be served again! How can I say no to those beady little eyes? to the kitchen again.

  2. Literally eating these right now. They are delicious.I left out the honey and put 1 tbsp coconut sugar and replaced 1/4c flour with protein powder. It still worked beautifully. Thank you for this awesome recipe!


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