Sorry, It's Just Some Spreadable Butter

I know, I know, I've tricked you. I've put a picture of a big fat buttery cinnamon roll up here ... and I'm not even going to give you the recipe for it (yet).

Have you forgiven me? Just a little? Good. What I am going to give you is a super easy peasy recipe for spreadable butter ... or heart-healthy butter ... or lower-saturated-fat butter. Because sometimes you want instant spreadability on your hot toast. And because the supermarket brands of spreadable butter/margarine contain all kinds of weird and suspicious ingredients.

Sorry, It's Just Some Spreadable Butter


1/2 c light olive oil
1/2 c soft butter (as in, let it sit out on the bench for an hour)

*Use organic ingredients when you can! And you can probably use other oils, too ... but extra virgin olive oil might be a little bit too strong. Up to you.

1. Put the butter and olive oil in the blender and blend.

2. Transfer into a lovely jar to store in your fridge.

3. You're done!

How much did it cost me?

I used all organic ingredients ... and well, the butter was about $2.50 and the olive oil was about $1.25, so a total of $3.75 for this amount. And it lasts for ages, because it spreads more easily (so you don't use as much at a time!)

Amanda xx


  1. great recipe! thanks, i just picked up some organic spreadable butter last week and was a bit shocked by the price $7 for a very small tub. i'm sure i can find some organic olive oil from wray organic.

  2. I can't remember where I got my regular not-extra virgin olive oil ... but it might taste just fine with the bulk olive oil I usually get from Wray :) Let me know!


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