Ode to the Coffee Grinder

I originally bought my coffee grinder to grind up flaxseeds ... but now I use it for so many different things. None of which involve coffee! (I'm too addicted to actually sitting in a cafe ... )

Here are a couple of my favourites:

Ground oats or ground nuts
1. To use as a flour in baking (for example, the Sunshine Waffles)
2. A great, natural exfoliator for face and body (try oats + almonds)
3. A Tbs in a smoothy adds extra fibre and thickness (try both together!)

Ground toasted pepitas and lemon peel
1. This is fantastic in hummus or on pasta or pizza ...
2. and it's a great way to use up the peel of the lemon

Grind your own flour
1. Out of brown rice flour and want to bake for a gluten-intolerant friend? You can grind your own. Just make sure there are no stones then grind the rice into flour in small batches.
2. You can also grind small legumes, like lentils, to use in baking.

Basically, as long as it's not too oily or too moist, the coffee grinder will do a great job pulverising things for you. I'm so happy I spent that $15 on mine!

If you have any great ideas for how to use a coffee grinder, please post a comment!

Amanda xx


  1. amanda i've been trying to post comments on your blog without success

  2. oh its working now! great.
    where did you get your grinder from?

  3. Amanda@easypeasyorganic.comJune 17, 2010 at 11:50 PM

    Oops, sorry you had trouble! I just got mine from Kmart here in Australia ... I'm pretty sure you could find a similar one at any department/homewares store too. Good luck :)

  4. I should've checked out your blog 1st! KMart Toowong ... I think it was on sale ...

    And thanks for the lovely comments on your site! (which is gorgeous by the way!)

  5. amanda i have only just realised that you have kindly posted a response to my questions. thanks! i never thought of kmart. will have to check out, would like to get one but some of ones that i have seen were very pricey.

    thanks for the kind words too!


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