Postcards from Phoenix - Part 2

Hi from Phoenix, Arizona,
(Yes, we're still here). 

Last night we got rained on at dinner, which was (apparently) a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience for this part of the world. We saved our beautiful peach ales from catastrophic dilution by drinking them.

Today we wandered around the postcard-and-turquoise laden streets of Scottsdale, thinking about the amazing green salsa we had at lunch and wondering just how many Goodwill thriftstores there are in this glorious city.

(But that's an addiction a story for another day ... )

More soon,
Amanda xx


  1. How lovely you were there to witness rainfall! Sweet postcard, keep them coming...I love getting mail ;)

  2. I grew up in Tempe near Scottsdale...Rain was kind of an rarity!!
    Did you guys get to the fun ice cream shop The Sugar Bowl while you were there?? Such good memories! (and the menus are illustrated by the guy who does Family Circus.)
    We are planning a trip there in in February, which is an awesome idea when you live in MN.

  3. wow, I am gone for a few months and Nelle has grown this much? geez. :) Hope you have had an amazing trip.


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