French-Press Coffee with Cacao

This is antioxidant bliss. Truly.

Fresh organic coffee beans - decaf, in my case. With cacao nibs - little chunks of unadulterated cacao (or cocoa) beans. Ground together in my trusty hand grinder, in a proportion of 5:1 coffee beans to cacao nibs.

(Feel free to modify this ratio.)

Measured out and set to steep in just-boiled, filtered water - at the ratio of 30g coffee to 500mL water (according to my friend Jenn who watched a BBC program on this) - in a French press, or a glass jug.

Stirred gently (now and then) for full flavour extraction.

And after 5 or so minutes, Pressed. Filtered. Whatever.

Beautiful coffee, with a slight hint of dark chocolate. Add milk and sugar, if you like. But sit down with it. Sip it. Enjoy.

And have a lovely week!
Amanda xx

PS. I thrifted my coffee set - which includes 4 of these cups, a coffee serving pot, serving plates, a creamer and a sugar dish for only $4. Sometimes I like to play along at showing off my thrifting prowess here ... where there are always lots of great finds to be perused!


  1. Thanks for the great tip! I'm thinking about trying this at home.

    Did you use raw cacao nibs or roasted cacao nibs? I see a lot of people selling the raw ones, but I'm not sure if steeping those would bring out the cocoa flavor without the roasting.


  2. Amanda @ EasyPeasyOrganicOctober 9, 2011 at 5:27 PM

    Hi Tony, I used raw but perhaps roasting them lightly would enhance the flavor ... Thanks for the comment!

  3. Could you please make me a mug and bring to Alabama???? I love my morning coffee...also love your thrifted mug!

  4. Ha ha, Erika! Hmmm ... holiday in Alabama? ;)

  5. Hi Amanda! Thanks for sharing this amazing inspiration! I definitely need to get on this cacao nibs things, also on thrifting coffee sets. Yours is beautiful...especially with the book shot! That looks like a perfect way to enjoy a cup of coffee.

  6. I am so going to try this tomorrow morning with my decaf as well. Maybe even with some almond milk. I have been a little busy of late and a bit snowed under. Glad I found the time to make a visit tonight. Hope you are well.


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