Postcards from Sedona

Hi from Sedona, Arizona!

Home of jaw-dropping red rocks, beautifully-crafted microbrews, and (apparently) spots of intense vortex energy. Maybe it was the energy that woke me at 5 each morning, with no hope of going back to sleep ... or maybe it was that nagging feeling of forgetting something ...

(like packing up and checking out of our house in Phoenix. oops.)

So we didn't quite have the relaxing weekend in Sedona we'd planned, but we did become quite familiar with the freeway between Phoenix and Sedona ... and spent some quality time singing along to 90's music on the radio, keeping the resident 4-year old entertained, and establishing that I am quite far from perfect (but loved anyway).

If you'd like to see more photos from the trip - check out Easy Peasy Organic on Facebook!

Tomorrow we head back home to Brisbane, so see you there!
Amanda xx


  1. Seriously? You forgot to pack and check out of your home in Phoenix! No wonder you tore up some freeway ashpalt! Safe travels back home. Lovely photograph BTW.


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