Ode to a Very, Very Good Day

I think friendship can be defined as this:
"a person with whom you are willing to halve what possibly might be the best lemon tart in the universe"
and you pass it back and forth across the front seat of the car as you drive home from this tiny shop with the massive reputation that you just happened to be in proximity to around that golden time of the late afternoon when the light kisses everything and Sydney harbour glows and dinner seems (tragically) unimaginably far away.

The lemon curd is so silky it melts on your tongue,

Three happy girls in pink belt songs from the backseat,

And it's a very, very good day.

Yep. That's friendship.
Amanda xx


  1. Wishing I was in that car, I would have even worn something pink.

  2. Beautiful recollections. I have been reflecting on friendships a lot lately, including those couple that don't act like friends. My task is to learn how to not be so hurt by those people. But just last Friday I posted about a new yoga friend. I love those friends that you say goodbye to and float away with a smile on your face. I treasure those ones. I hope you are well Amanda.


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