6 Reasons to Love Passata

These last couple of weeks have been pretty exciting ... and I've been a busy girl! (I'll tell you all about my exciting news soon, I promise!) Today though I'm going to share a best-of post with you ... to tell you precisely why I love passata.

(I even love the word passata. Don't you? It sounds like a secret ... )


This month, one of my favourite organic supermarkets has a sale on organic passata - that pure, smooth, unadulterated tomato puree that's a staple around my house.

(so if you're in Brisbane - stock up!)

Here's why I love passata:

1. Nearly-instant tomato soup

2. Easy (but fancy-looking) gazpacho

3. Eggplant and olive stew

4. Pasta sauce, of course. Ask your mum for her recipe, or just add salt and Italian seasoning to passata and thicken it up over medium heat!

5. The jars make great storage, particularly for homemade veggie broth or bulk grains

6. Passata lasts nearly-forever in the cupboard ... waiting for you to remember and need and use it.

Plus, we love organic ... especially organic on sale!

Have a great weekend,
Amanda xx


  1. I'm glad I live in Brisbane and will head on over to Wray Organic this week.

    I love how you have recycled the passata bottles for storage containers.

  2. Wrays also have HUGE bunches of organic Kale on special for $3.95 this month. I bought some last week and my husband and I ate it three nights in a row. Big servings! It was delicious. I'm going back to get some more.


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