Buckwheat and Yogurt Pancake Meditation

I've always considered myself more of a waffle person than a pancake person. Until ... I started getting complacent. I liked how you could walk away from waffles ... leave them to do their own thing while you did your own thing and then *bling* all done! Ready to devour. Plus things ticked off lists at the same time.

Except, my complacency really got in the way.
I started doing too much stuff during waffle-cooking time. And the waffles started coming out so hard and dry that no amount of butter and syrup would save them.

An overstatement? Just barely.

It was time to bring back the pancakes. Little fluffy ones that you have to stand over and watch like a hawk - spatula in hand - to turn them at just. the. right. time. (lest they burn). And you know what? I remembered that sometimes just doing one thing at a time is GOOD. Very good. 

Meditatively good. I don't have to multi-task every second of the day ... sometimes I can just make pancakes. 

And so can you.
I recommend buckwheat.
Amanda xx 

Buckwheat and Yogurt Pancakes
makes ~16 small ones
adapted from Vegetarian Planet by Didi Emmons

The time
10-15 min

The ingredients
1 1/3 cup plain yogurt mixed with 2/3 cup water
2 large organic eggs
1/2 cup melted butter + extra for cooking
1 cup unbleached plain flour
1 cup buckwheat flour
1 Tbs rapadura sugar
1 tsp baking powder

*Try to use organic when you can! Especially for animal products like the yogurt, eggs and butter. Then you know it's friendly food :)

The process
1. Combine all the wet ingredients, then add the dry ingredients - stirring only until everything's mixed. Don't over-stir, because that makes for flat pancakes!

2. Heat up a skillet - I use my le Crueset - and add a nice big Tbs of butter or coconut oil. Then drop ladle-fuls of pancake batter onto the skillet (I do about 4-5 at a time in my 20cm skillet). Watch them. When they start to solidify and brown on one side, gently flip them till they solidify and brown on the other side. Keep flipping back and forth if you need or want or feel inclined to.

3. When your pancakes are puffy and golden and cooked through, remove them from the skillet and a) serve immediately with butter and maple syrup or b) pop them on a plate and put them in the oven at its lowest temperature to keep them warm.

4. Think ONLY about pancakes. And butter. And maple syrup. At least for these 10 minutes.

The cost
This batch - made organic and with homemade yogurt - cost me about $5.


  1. Yum - I don't always keep buttermilk so I love that this recipe uses natural yogurt which I always keep in abundance.

  2. I wish I had read this last night. I had an overwhelmingly craving for pancakes...for dinner. So I made a batch from scratch, cooked some bacon and stuffed myself. Don't know when I'll have a craving for pancakes again but when I do, I'm going to try your recipe. The yogurt in them has me very curious.

  3. @Paula Doesn't listening to your heart feel good?

  4. Your recipes look great!!


  5. This recipe looks delicious. Do you know the nutritional values? If you post it on www.myrecipemagic.com they will calculate it for you and you can get paid for posting recipes.


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