A Little Advice for Potatoes ... and Life

When life gives you a green potato?

Just keep peeling.
Amanda xx


  1. So right...you eventually get to good part ;)

  2. I was just wondering if I should offer this advice to my friend who's dating ... hmmm ...

    or are some potatoes just duds?
    ha ha

  3. But here's a question for you: what do green potatoes symbolise? I know that lemons symbolise sourness... (hence we make lemonade, which is sweeter); but green potatoes, I'm not sure...
    But I will definitely just keep peeling if I get one :-)

    1. Green potatoes ... They're oxidized, and the green is toxic. Not healthy. So perhaps it's a metaphor for being true to what's underneath ... Looking beyond the surface no matter how unpalatable someone appears ...

  4. Amanda! I just found your site! I really love it! I had no idea that it even existed, but I was just browsing facebook and saw you had an etsy site and then found my way here. There are some delicious mushrooms over here, so I think i'm going to give your stroganoff a go.

    Congratulations on your marriage. I hope that you and Robbie and Nelle are all well and having fun.

    Simon (Hart)

  5. And Simon, welcome! I'm happy you've found my little site! Thanks so much for the wedding wishes ... we had a great time :) Hope to see you next time we're in Europe!


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