Not a Recipe for Kamut and Walnut Loaf

I'm sitting in front of The Voice, my feet tucked into this sleeping bag I inherited from a trip to South America. I just freaked out at the smell of fresh bread ... till I remembered I was baking some. Nelle was up till 9 tonight, in and out of bed, and I could've used someone to snuggle with on the couch but no ... I was a good mummy. Consistent mummy. "Go to bed" mummy. Even the dog's in bed now, but not me. Not yet. Haven't had my cup of green tea yet, haven't started the Hunger Games all over again, haven't pulled myself away from Seal and Joel and Keith and Delta to tuck these little toes into bed upstairs.

But wait. Better let this bread finish first.
Test it out?
Oh yes.

Not Kamut and Walnut Loaf
makes for serious disappointment

Crap. It didn't turn out. Sorry. 
Off to bed we go. 
Amanda xx


  1. Sorry about the bread. Hope you got a good night's sleep ;)

  2. I got an *excellent* nights sleep, thank you!

    And I am ADDICTED now to The Voice. Awesomeness. Singing battles? How cool is that!!!


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