Persimmon and Cucumber Salad

Have you ever tried a persimmon? It's a bright, apple-sized fruit full of vitamin C and beta carotene and other good stuff.

Persimmons come in two main varieties - a type that's best eaten when it's soft, and a type that you can eat when it's soft or firm. If you get the former - and you'll know if you cut into an unripe one and it makes your mouth feel fuzzy - wait till they're mushy and eat them like plums. Or cook them.
If you get the latter, cut them up like pears and eat them with cheese platters. Or on their own. Or in this simple salad where the sweetness of the persimmon is a great partner with the slightly-astringent cucumber. And mayo? It makes anything taste good.

Planning to hit the farmer's markets this weekend? Perhaps I'll see you there :). Have a great one whatever you do!
Amanda xx

Persimmon and Cucumber Salad
serves 1-2

The time
10 min

The ingredients
1 hard-but-palatable persimmon
2-3 small or medium cucumbers
1 Tbs quality mayonnaise (make your own, or buy the good stuff)
sea salt, to taste

*try to use organic when you can!

NOTE: This recipe is best if you go out and buy yourself a $7 julienner. Trust me on this one - it'll change your salad-eating life forever.

The process
Thinly slice - or, ideally, julienne - your persimmon and cucumbers, avoiding the mushy seedy bit in the middle of the cukes. Toss with mayo and salt and enjoy!

The cost
Try to get the produce market-direct so it's super-fresh - but even if you go out and buy yourself a julienner (which you should) this organic salad'll still come in at $10 or less. Bargain!


  1. Persimmons rock! Thanks Amanda for introducing me to them.
    Cheers - Daniel

  2. Daniel! Welcome! Long-time viewer, first-time caller?

    I'll see what other delectables I can rustle up for our next family brunch together :) xx

  3. Love Persimmons as well. So glad to see them at the markets over the last couple of weeks. Hope you are well? x

  4. P.S - loving the new look blog as well....

  5. Thanks, Sherilyn! I'm happy to say that I'm very well - and I actually think the new-look on the blog reflects my current state of mind ... cobwebs blown away, sunshine pouring in ...



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