School Time :: Or, The Start of Letting Go

School's almost starting and my baby's hair's still tangled and her shoes don't fit quite right, I haven't got her a proper backpack yet, or her uniform, and what time is drop-off, will she be happy, will she still run to cuddle me hello when I come to take her home? All these wonderings, so many wonderings.

In 8 days' time, I'm going to pull up with all the other mums and dads outside her school, her real school, Big-Kid School, and she'll have this whole other life outside of me, and I'll have to let her go - I know 

this is the start of the letting go. 

And there's nothing I can do but build threads between us, so that one day when she's all grown up and too far away, we'll both know we're like spiders keeping different corners of the same web

and it'll all be ok.
Amanda xx


  1. Aww, what a wonderful and exciting milestone to have reached together. Best wishes for the little one (and Mommy!).

  2. Oh it is so daunting when they first start and there is a settling in phase for both parties without a doubt, but, when you see how far they come in a 12 month timeframe you can do nothing but smile. Best of luck for the first day. x

  3. I let my baby go to big girl school 6 months ago and it was unbelievable hard for both of us. We are still working through it. And she is still my baby who needs me.
    Best wishes for smooth sailing!

  4. Paula, Sherilyn, Lis,
    Thanks! I know we'll be fine, I know she'll still need me ... but it helps to hear it!

    On that note, Nelle only just realised yesterday she's not going to BOARDING school (like they do in Harry Potter, haha), so I'm getting extra cuddles at the moment, out of gratitude :)


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