Reading Between the Lines || Resolution #1

A couple years ago, I resolved not to have resolutions ... and that worked fine back then. But now I'm 37 and ovary-less and off my anxiety meds and my brain doesn't hold on to little, scrappy things like lists the way it used to, so I feel the need to make myself culpable for certain things, certain resolutions. This week, in honour of the brand new year ahead, I think I'll share them with you - one by one by one, till we hit the tail end of the habits I plan to form this year. And then I'd better get moving on them, don't you think?

#1 - A daily dose of poetry

A few weeks ago, I found some wonderful poems (like this one) and posted links to them on Twitter. And someone said to me "I need more poetry in my life," and it made me think about all the poetry that is in our lives, even outside the pages of Margaret Atwood books and literary magazines

So this year, I'm going to do a 365 project based on a daily dose of poetry. Every day, I'll post a poem or a link or a poetic phrase that I love on my Facebook page, and we can hopefully all be reminded to listen just a little. Because it's out there, everywhere. Maybe sometimes I'll send a picture with it, to show you how I see things - but I hope you'll make your own judgements and draw your own images and tell us all what you think, as well.

That's poetry.
Happy 2013,
Amanda xx

See you over there.


  1. Interesting....that's very different resolution, but a really fun one!


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