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Whew, I had to do that, it's been a big couple of weeks - in so many ways. Last Thursday I had my annual checking-breasts-for-cancer MRI (results not in yet), which still - even 5 years down the track - freaks me out. It likely always will, but in a way, the reminder of cancer is good. Cancer itself is bad, of course, but the reminder to make the most of my life is good. 

I. remember. 

Nelle started school and I started my new fellowship (I'm apparently still a scientist, regardless of what I say), and we did mad dashes around the house to save things from the extraordinary rain. I've been reading and writing lots of poetry, and just sent off 6 of my favourites to a poetry contest. My first one! We booked tickets for a trip to Phuket and Sri Lanka. We had lunch with friends and brunch with friends and my friend Michelle dropped by with a heavy bagful of mangoes from her very own tree. I love this time of post-travel catching up, and settling in.

And now? It's almost the weekend, and I'm going to slide into the corner of our apple-green couch with a book and a pot of tea and a super-blowy fan, and keep on exhaling. 

I'll remember to inhale, too. Don't worry.
Amanda xx
PS. Over the weekend I'll start putting together a post about Nelle's first week of lunchboxes, including brand new school-friendly recipes (and photos) - but until then, I had a look through the archives for some Lunchbox Food Group ideas. 

Of course, you can make these for yourself as well ...






Sandwiches and wraps

Little bites

Cookies (some of which are actually chewy)



  1. Your first poetry contest? How exciting! Please keep it posted on how it goes. :)


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