Fish-free, Seaweed-free Sushi ...

... is probably not really sushi. But what good is language if we can't adapt it to our own selfish needs? Take that, Mr. Webster.

Anyway, this is a sushi for people who (do or ) don't like seaweed. It's great for the kids' lunchboxes. And, in fact, the kids can make them ... while you put your feet up and sip green tea. Oh, yes.

Sound good? Here we go:

Fish-free, Seaweed-free Sushi

The time
15 min rice cooking + 15-30 min rice cooling + 15-20 min prep

The ingredients
sushi rice
rice vinegar
raw sugar
sesame seeds
avocado slices
soy sauce or tamari, to serve
pickled ginger, to serve

*Use organic ingredients when you can

The process
1. Follow the instructions on the package of sushi rice - which typically involves boiling equal amounts (in cups) of sushi rice and water, then stirring a couple Tbs of sugar and rice vinegar through the cooked rice before letting it cool to room temperature.

2. When the rice mixture has cooled, use your hands to form it into little balls. Sprinkle the balls with sesame seeds, or roll them in a tray lined with sesame seeds.
*For extra flavour, toast the sesame seeds in a dry skillet before using them.

3. Top your sushi balls with avocado slices and serve with soy sauce and pickled ginger.

The cost
Really this depends on the quantity ... which I've left open to you. But let's just say it's a *lot* cheaper than sushi out. Plus, did you enjoy that green tea? Putting your feet up? Thought so ...

Happy Earth Day!
Amanda xx


  1. Looks good! I love my fish but this looks like a tasty snack as well. I'm pretty sure it is still technically sushi as long as it has that rice and vinegar. :)

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  3. Yum! Definitely giving this one a go soon. I love ideas for the little one's lunchbox, too. Thanks.

  4. @Linda Yes and she may even come home from kindy without any left of it ... (Victory!)

  5. Perfect for someone like me who doesn't like fish filled sushi!


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