Why You Need a Good Roadtrip

Because you can stop for a run in the sunshine - barefoot, of course. You can feel the light soaking into your hair and see it erupting out of golden flowers. You can spy fruit nestled in a tree.

You may even collect roadside oranges and roadside passionfruits. And peer through fences at roadside cattle ...

You might imagine that you could live like this - a vagabond, collecting what you need from the places you pass through - as long as you have the people you love with you ...

and maybe you could?

The great thing about roadtrips is that you get to try out being nomadic  ... and still have your cappuccino, too.

Amanda xx

PS. All these photos were taken on our roadtrip between Brisbane and Sydney. Isn't Australia great?


  1. Thank you so much Amanda for you wonderful diary on life and the little thing that sometimes I miss but you capture so beautifully with your words and pictures.
    Enjoy your trip

  2. I'm so excited to start seeing everything burst into bloom around here! Love your road trip pictures. The shot of the fruit stuffed into the car door pocket is a great shot.

  3. Dear Amanda,
    This made me think a lot about all those great things out there... Sometimes we go so deep in our daily routine, dealing with all the burocratic stuff .. and we simply forget to look at the simple (yet beautiful) touch of nature.
    Thank you so much! It made my day :)
    Have a fantastic weekend!

  4. Beautiful photos Amanda. The passionfruit made my mouth water at the sight of them!

  5. @Anonymous Thanks Emma! We're already planning our next one ... :)

  6. @Paula It's getting close to spring for you northerners! Not long now and I'll be looking at all *your* shots with jealous pangs (as I sit bundled up!)

  7. @Cacau Absolutely! And Cacau - when you have a look at those simple, beautiful things ... take pictures for all of us to look at (please!)

  8. @julie Thanks Julie! I'm thinking ... pavlova?? Mmmmmmmmmm ......

  9. Lovely! The snow is just about gone, now we wait for the earth to wake.

  10. i love your blog, your photos and your writing. I just read a fair bit of it, and it cheered me up :) thanks!


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