It's Official - I'm in Love. (with Food Connect.)

Oh, it's been a long, long time since I've had a breakup like this one. It was a long-term relationship ... and I did it over email. (What kind of person does that? I know, I know. Evil. Heartless. Cruel.) 

It's just ... I felt like I deserved more. You know, consistency. Quality. A back massage whenever I ask for it (uh, sorry - that just slipped out ... ) Anyway, I always had a little doubt in the back of my head/gut/heart about this relationship. I just finally listened.

And broke it off. 

Only to find myself 
(alarmingly quickly)
in love. Love. LOVE.

Well you may have guessed it, but I've hooked myself up with a new produce delivery - the awesome 'social business' Food Connect, who source seasonal fruit and veggies from farmers within a 5 hour radius of Brisbane (or Sydney, or Adelaide) and get it to us urbanites. This produce is local and it's sustainable - all the farmers practice organic or chemical-free growing methods. 

And there's more:
  • they tell you about the farms that supply for the week
  • they use cardboard (rather than styrofoam) boxes and recycle them
  • you pick up your delivery from a 'city cousin' in your area, which means your daughter can entertain other like-minded locals while you sort out your box of goodies
  • they organise farm tours for Food Connect families
  • there's soon to be a commercial kitchen where they'll run cooking classes (!!)
  • the produce (as you can see) is bea-u-ti-ful
  • it's incredible value-for-money
  • plus you can order extra stuff - like 2 kgs of saucing tomatoes (for a few $)

Ah, the sweet sweet joy of new love. The feeling of infinite possibility. The satisfaction of knowing that this time - oh yes - I have made the right choice. This one's a keeper.

Amanda xx
PS. No actual marriage/partnership/de facto relationship/cohabitation/potential one-day engagement  was harmed in the writing of this post.


  1. This Food Connect is a fantastic idea. So glad your found your perfect food-mate!

  2. Amanda - I see I have a number of local 'city cousins'! I'll have to check it out. Thanks!

  3. amanda i definitely felt that love you are talking about at the start....but it ended just as quickly.

    not replying to my emails and getting two out of four orders wrong sent me back to homefreshorganics....

    i love love love the connection with the farmers, the produce was fairly good (not amazing, i had to throw away a few things after a day or two, which i hate doing but were inedible) and i liked the whole idea of it.

    i would definitely go back if they got their admin side a bit more together i think.

  4. @jen @ giftboxology Oh no, Jen! I actually had similar issues to what you describe with Homefresh Organics ... prompting my breakup ...

    So, I guess there's no such thing as a *perfect* relationship? Just finding your own - as Paula said - ideal foodmate ;)

  5. that is funny! yes it all comes down to finding your own. we always used homefresh and i never once had a problem with them. i'm starting back with them next friday.

    i love the principles behind food connect and i really would love to support them but i have to do whats best for myself and my family. and turning up to collect my order to discover it is lacking a number of key items without prior warning isn't good enough when you are heavily pregnant and have a toddler in tow and cannot bear to go back to the supermarket to pick up extras.
    my city cousin is such a lovely lady, with 3 young daughters, gordy would just happily enter their house and play with the girls toys whilst i collected our order!

    i will miss that connection to the farmers, i think that is so brilliant that you can click on your box contents and see exactly who has grown your produce and where.

    i am keen to find out how things go with your orders


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