Too Many Chokos, Part 1

These are chokos. Also known as chayotes (apparently - though I didn't meet these little guys till I moved to Australia, where they're called chokos.) They grow on long, looping vines that stretch across people's backyards here in Brisbane. You're more likely to get given a bag of them by a friend, or workmate, or relative than you are to actually buy them. And if you're lucky enough to have a vine at home ... well, you'll be the one giving them away.

Until you read these recipes. Then you might just keep them all for yourself. Every. last. one.

And the first? Will also be the most basic.
(to get you started)

Butter* Chokos
*vegans can of course substitute olive oil

The time
10 min

The ingredients
chokos, washed and chopped into small chunks (you don't have to peel them)
organic butter or olive oil
sea salt

The process
1. Steam the chokos until tender (but not mushy).

2. Douse in butter and salt, to taste.

The cost
Almost nothing! I've never bought chokos as I seem to have lots of friends and family who (fortunately for me) like offloading their extras

Want more inspiration? To me, chokos taste a bit like zucchini ... so I'd give them a go in any number of zucchini-based recipes ... like Whatever You've Got Muffins or Zucchini Cake. So this is a start ... stay tuned for more choko recipes soon.

Amanda xx


  1. I've never seen nor heard of chokos before. Love learning about new things and looking forward to your recipes.

  2. @Paula Well, if you've ever had an apple pie at McDonald's ... there's actually debate as to whether it's chokos instead of apples! (or so I read online ... ;) )

  3. Amanda, here in Brazil we call them chuchu (xoo-xoo) and they are very cheap and popular. Im my hometown there's a classic with shrimp cooked in a tomato sauce and cubed chuchu. So tasty!
    And there's more! We eat them pan-fried, have you ever tried?

  4. @Cacau Thanks Cacau! I haven't had them pan-fried ... yet! And I'm not into seafood, but my two housemates are ... I think they'll love that idea ...

  5. In Louisiana they are called merliton. Merliton and Shrimp casserole is scrumptious!

  6. Here in Seattle, we have them in most stores. I just eat them raw like I would eat an apple. The flavour is subtle and geen. I also slice them up and use them as a crunch in salads. Mmmm

    Glad to know how to ask for them overseas :)

  7. My chinese neighbour taught me to use chokos in stir-fry. They don't taste of much, but hold the sauce taste and add volume and veges.


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