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*Know what, guys? I've decided to skip calling my store Foodie Kids - because really I want to keep it closely linked to this site. So ... I've changed my mind (in typical Libran fashion, so they say) ... and my store will now be called "Easy Peasy Organic." Clever, hey?

There's actually a lot of debate about whether 'foodie' is a good label or not ... whether it means you're

  • a pretentious snob
  • a lover of smelly cheeses
  • a diner at restaurants that don't have takeaway menus
  • a home gardener
  • a farmers' market-shopper
  • a picky eater
  • an ethical buyer
  • an avid cook
  • someone who thinks about food ... a lot
(or any combination thereof)

My definition? A foodie is someone who thinks about food before they eat it. Thinks about where it comes from, how it tastes, what it does inside the body, and how to cook/store/eat it to maximize tastiness. So, I reckon it's a good thing ... and something I'd like to teach my daughter while she's young and corruptable. (oops, did I say that out loud?)

And if there's one thing I learned from having cancer ... it's how precious (and fickle) the human body can be. I'll only ever have this one - and so will Nelle, and Robbie, and you - so why not nourish it? Why not fill it with colourful, beautiful, fresh foods?

That's my philosophy, and what inspired me to begin Easy Peasy Organic. And what inspired me to start designing and printing foodie cards. Because I want Nelle to grow up knowing what a real tomato looks like. Real basil. I want her to know where eggs come from. I want her to see that a lot of produce out there is naturally so much prettier and tastier than packaged stuff with funny-numbered ingredients. I want to enable her to put things together to create.

So, the Easy Peasy Organic store is the start of that - an Etsy shop where I now sell my photographic postcards and fridge magnets of the foodie ABCs. At first I'm focusing on fresh fruits, veggies and herbs - with photographs in the style of a country cottage. You know, rustic farmhouse stuff ... with heaps of colour to attract little eyes. (and big eyes, too)

I've designed them as multifunctional - the cards can be used as postcards or kitchen art or kids' room decor or flashcards and have little cooking tips on the back. The magnets are ... well ... magnetic. I think they'll make great gifts for parents or parents-to-be, or to use as announcements or thank you's or letters to Gran. And they're cheap enough that you can afford them. Seriously.

So, what do you think? Are you as excited about this as I am?
Amanda xx

PS. Have you seen the Australian art & design blog, Bondville? If not, you have to check it out. My friend Steph writes it, and she did a lovely write-up of my photo cards here!


  1. Congratulations!!!!! It's so fantastic that we can now get our hands on your photography and such a great tool for learning with kids. x

  2. Amanda! This is a fantastic idea and one I'm sure will catch on quickly. You are creative! What a wonderful way to teach children the alphabet and learn good, healthy eating habits at the same time. Just brilliant! Sincere best wishes with the Etsy shop and I think they would sell in store front business extremely well too. So excited for you!

  3. Gorgeous idea! But of course, we need the whole set :)

  4. Stunning. Such a brilliant concept! How clever to make them so versatile, too. Extremely exciting new venture for you. x

  5. Lovely idea and they look fabulous I really like the 'goes with...' bit on the back, brilliant. x

  6. Thanks guys! I'm so enthusiastic about all the enthusiasm! ;)

  7. I am totally as excited about those cards as you are... love the idea of teaching my little one her ABS's through all of her favorite foods. Beautiful.

  8. What a great idea. And if being a foodie means being a lover of cheese, it would be impossible to be a vegan I love your definition.

  9. Congratulations on setting up your store, what a great way to combine your photography skills and love of food! I always love your photos, I wish I had more time to concentrate on taking better photos (now I have a half decent camera).

    Thank you so much for making me your blog of the week, I must admit I may have blushed once or twice as I read it. Really, really kind of you Amanda.



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