The Best Way to Start a Morning

In my opinion, the most perfect morning isn't necessarily a memorable one. Rather, it's one where you get to e ..... a ..... s ..... e  into consciousness. Leave your pillow with no regrets. And then ...

it may entail:

Body brushing* (to make your skin tingle).
A warm soapy shower with a soap so minty it sweeps the rest of the dreaminess out of your head.
A hot strong coffee in the thrifted mug that fits your hands just. so.
And some sort of pancake/waffle/scone/muffin/granola at a heavy wooden table in the mottled sunlight.
With bright yellow placemats.
And clothes on, of course. (did I forget to mention that?)

*If you haven't tried body brushing - you must. It's an astoundingly easy way to feel AMAZING, and you don't need much time or money to do it. All you need is a stiff-bristled brush or a rough sun-dried towel. You just get undressed (or as we say in my house - "nudie") and gently rub the towel or brush over all the skin on your body. The only rule - so to speak - is to try to start at the periphery of your body (your hands or feet) and move progressively toward your heart. Then hop in the shower!

Now if you look online, there are a lot of health claims associated with body brushing - and I honestly don't know what's true or not. And do I care if this reduces cellulite? (not really). What I do know is that body brushing feels like it stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage - which is good. It exfoliates my skin - which is good. And it wakes me up beautifully - which is good.

So treat yourself this weekend. Remember that towel you left out to dry in the scorching sun? Consider it ... an opportunity.

Have a lovely lovely weekend, full of happinesses.
Amanda xx


  1. Nice call! Body brushing is my absolute favorite! I always seem to remember to do it once I'm in the shower though! So making it a priority is a really great idea. :)

    Love your blog by the way,
    Gina from Natural Health Foodie

  2. Line drying your towels with no fabric softeners used during the rinse cycle will provide great towels for body brushing also.
    Years ago I also read that you should always apply lotions starting at your feet and rubbing into your body while moving up toward your heart.

  3. @Natural Health Foodie Thanks Gina! I always keep my brush staring me down at the shower door ... like one of those guardians of the pyramids (at least in the Mummy version of the pyramids ... ). And much nicer to use ;)

  4. @Paula Good point, Paula! No fabric softeners if you want a nice coarse body-brushing towel. (actually I don't really like fabric softeners anyway ... but that's for another day) ...

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  6. what kind of brush do you use in body brushing?

  7. @Anonymous Well ... mine is rather sketchy - er - thrifty. It was originally one of those 'flatiron' type hair brushes, with the two short-bristled sides that clamp over hair to straighten it while you blow dry. It broke, I helped it break, and it gave me 2 body brushes :)


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