Guest Post at Frosting for the Cause - Ginger Cookies

(Betcha didn't know that you've got to look really, really closely at an egg, to make sure it's a good one.)

Well, today I've written a guest post over at the charity (charitable?) blog Frosting for the Cause - where 300+ bloggers are uniting to raise awareness for breast cancer. We each share a recipe, a story, some goodies, and donate. And at the end of the year, we'll have raised something like $9,000 just from our own donations. 

But as a woman / partner / mum / daughter / sister / friend who's survived breast cancer, I think we can do better than that. Please go check out the site - and if you can, donate something

And as for my post, I share my own view of my own cancer. And a very yummy ginger cookie recipe - which may be a useful one for your gifting arsenal ... (these cookies are not unlike the ginger cookies I inhaled out of a bag during my own nauseous moments in pregnancy and in cancer treatment).

Finally, thank you to the lovely organisers of Frosting for the Cause, who have been doing an amazing job coordinating all these posts, and who have let me be part of this great idea.

Ok - enough, now! Get over to the site and check it out!
Amanda xx


  1. What a great initiative and a great way to raise awareness for breast cancer. I'm off to donate. I'll email my daughters the link too.

  2. I love the picture of your daughter checking the egg. How precious! Your ginger cookies look delicious!!

  3. @Bediels Haha - she's got lots of those kind of kitchen skills! Wait till you see how she forms ginger cookies into little balls ... :)

  4. Hi Amanda! I cannot express my appreciation enough. Thank you for volunteering to be a part of this project. For so graciously sharing your story, thereby highlighting the need for early detection in young women. For sharing your poignantly elegant photographs with our readers. For your *healing* ginger cookie recipe and last but not least, for mentioning the project here (with this post and the blog button) and encouraging others to think about baking a difference or donating to fund research. You shall remain in my prayers and may God continue to bless you and your beautiful family.

  5. Amanda, since meeting you at Juanita's play school I have been following your blog religiously. I am wow-ed every time I read a new post. The recipes are so fantastic and this initiative to share and raise money is wonderful.

    Thank you for being an inspiration!


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