Good Advice About Eggs

I almost always break eggs straight into the bowl - with everything else ... sometimes $5 or $10 worth of everything else. Sometimes it's Nelle who 'hatches' the eggs.

But last night, as I started making a cake ... I decided to break my eggs into a separate dish. (for no explicable reason) And you know what?

The first one was rotten.


So let me just say that a waste-less / save-more / thrifty baking philosophy should include breaking your eggs into a separate dish ... just in case.

Now, please excuse me while I go out and buy a lotto ticket.
Amanda xx


  1. What luck!
    I usually try to break my eggs into a separate dish, but I don't think I've ever had a bad one - let's hope that trend continues :)

  2. Good tip. I started breaking eggs into a separate dish a long time ago only because I don't trust myself not to get a piece of the shell in my batter!

    Good luck with the lotto ticket!

  3. Yes it's always wise to break the eggs into a bowl first - also so much easier to get any broken shell out. I have never had a rotten egg but I did have a full box of double yokers once!! As delightful as it was, that sort of thing can mess up the science of a sponge cake!! x

  4. @Erika This one was my first! (which is why i was so shocked at my premonition ... I wonder if I can get a psychic gig in a major magazine ??)

  5. @Sarah That is a *very* good point! I've always been excited to find a double yolker ... but you're right - it could screw up a batter!


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