Avocado on Toast with a Twist

On weekends, we used to go to this tiny cafe in West End called Peripheral ... It was so small there were only 2 tables inside, both nestled into the window. Robbie and Nelle would share the baked beans on toast, freshly made and piled high with a melty crown of mozzarella. And I would have the avocado and tahini on toast.

There was nothing else like it. Silky topping on tangy sourdough, freshly cracked salt and pepper on top ...

And then, we came back from a holiday and Peripheral was gone. No more.

But no, no, no! We can't have all this sadness of a glorious weekend morning ... So you'll be relieved to know that I've recreated the breakfast masterpiece in all its glory. And maybe even more glory than the original ... after all, the cafe is gone, so who's to know?

Avocado on Toast with a Twist

Takes about 5-10 minutes
Serves 2-3

Miso-tahini gravy
1 Tbs miso
1 Tbs tahini
A few Tbs water

1 avocado
juice of 1/2 lime
pinch of salt
2-3 Tbs minced spring onion (optional)
2-3 Tbs minced tomato (optional)

Sourdough bread, toasted, to serve.

1. Mix the miso and the tahini in a saucepan over low heat, adding enough water to get it to a peanut-butter paste-y quality. You can also make larger, more liquid quantities as a really amazing vegan gravy!

2. Mash up your avocado with the lime and salt and onion/tomato (if you wish).

3. Put it all together! Miso-tahini paste + avo + sourdough. And coffee, of course.

How much did this cost me?

Well, I used leftover guacamole and some going-stale bread ... so my brekky was less than $1. And I used up stuff that would've been thrown out!

Have a lovely weekend! (I'm currently at the beach, sitting at a picnic table enjoying the ocean breezes...) If you can't find an ocean then turn on some beachy music and make a great breakfast and pretend!

Amanda xx


  1. Are you a mind reader? I've been having avocados on crusty bread all week for breakfast. This is such a great idea for two huge tubs of miso and tahini that I have way too much of.

    This is also delicious in brisling sardines whisked with good red-wine vinegar...that is, if you can stomach sardines. yumyum.

  2. Ooh, I know a 3 year old who will love your idea ... xx

  3. Wow, I have never heard of this combination! But I am a savory breakfast person, so this is perfect!

  4. Erin, Erin, Erin - how did you live before now? You're gonna love it! :)


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