I just had lunch at a friend's house ... warm lentil soup and slices of fruit and cheese ... but that's not what I'm going to write about today. Today I'm going to tell you about her garden.

After lunch, we all headed into the backyard - my friend and I, our two little girls, (and the baby asleep). The sun was out, for the first time in a week. And I gaped at 8' high tomato plants, and strawberries already fruiting, and a celery forest, and pumpkin vines climbing up kaffir lime tree and fig tree and fence.

All in inner city Brisbane. In a backyard that still has ample room to run around.

It's inspiring, to say the least. And the best part of all? She shares. This is what I came home with ...

So now, the exciting bit ... playing with all the mint and sage and celery and garlic chives and kaffir lime leaves! Ah, the possibilities ...

Oh, I love my friends. Especially those with gardens.
Amanda xx


  1. great pics amanda! but now what is there left to teach you at camera playschool?!

  2. Thanks Juanita! Oh, there is much to learn ... xx

  3. wow! love this collage. and your blog! found you through BYW. dont know how i missed you before. great stuff!

  4. Thanks Latisha! Wasn't BYW a great course?? xx

  5. Hi Amanda. Love your blog. I'm an aspiring blogger, too. Is BYW a course about blogging? If so, can you tell me a bit about it? Thanks.

  6. Hi Jen, Thanks! BYW is 'Blogging Your Way' - a course run by Holly at Decor8 (if you haven't seen her blog ... check it out). I'm not sure when she'll do it again, but I'd recommend it!!

    What are you blogging about?


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