Dish of the Day - The First, and Perhaps the Cheapest

As you may have gathered, I'm a bit of a (compulsive) thrift store shopper. I can hardly walk past one without ... being ... tempted. And I was excited to find that there's a whole little community of thrifty-types out there, who like to share what they find. I mean, the only thing better than finding a great bargain is being able to show it off!

So, I thought - why don't I do a Dish of the Day special, once a week or so? To highlight all those wonderful kitchen-y things I've found ... followed by a yummy recipe, of course.

And here's the first.

This little glass is one of my thriftiest finds ever - I got it for 5 cents! And it's the perfect size for snacks or nibblies before dinner or even dashes of Baileys over ice later in the evening. I'm thinking I'll have to use it for an affogato one of these days, too. (Is there any better excuse for ice cream in the morning?) 

Oh, and the peanut butter popcorn you see? Sorry, you'll have to come back tomorrow for the recipe! I didn't include it today only because I was introducing my new column. But in the future I'll try to integrate the Dish of the Day with the recipe!

Amanda xx


  1. versatile glass, huh? it's simple, and effective, an in the picture? i'd like the contents, please... :)))

  2. Oh yes, me too! Sadly I finished it all yesterday ...


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