Morning After Cake

Who says you can't have cake for breakfast?

Are you busy this weekend? Well, here's a little idea for you ... whip up this cake. Call some friends. Get wine. Order pizza from your favourite shop, unless that's Dominos ... in which case order pizza from your friends' favourite shop. Make a green salad with a strong vinegarette. Turn on some music, and dance till your friends turn up. 

And if you feel a little sore in the head tomorrow morning, well ... at least you have your breakfast sorted.

Morning After Cake

Serves 6-8 - so make double if you have lots of friends coming over. or if you all plan to share it for breakfast.

The wet stuff
2 Tbs extra virgin olive oil
1 c buttermilk or milk that's just going sour or milk + 1/2 tsp vinegar
1 organic egg
zest of 2 oranges
juice of 1/2 orange

The dry stuff
1 1/3 c maize flour 
2/3 c plain unbleached flour
1/2 tsp sea salt
1 tsp baking soda
1/4 c raw sugar

The drizzle
juice of the other 1/2 orange
1/4 c raw honey

Other stuff
thick cream 

*Try to use organic ingredients if you can, particularly the egg and the orange (because you'll be using the outside of it!)

**Also, this is an adaptation of my cornbread recipe - please don't use polenta here though ... too coarse. If you can't find maize flour you can try using just regular unbleached flour ... though it won't have that corn-ish taste to it, it'll still be cake.

1. Preheat the oven to 180C (350F). Line a baking tin with baking paper (or grease it).

2. Mix all the wet stuff together. In a separate bowl, mix all the dry stuff together. Add the dry to the wet and mix just enough to combine. Pour into the prepared dish and bake in your preheated oven for around 30 min, or until the top is firm and lightly golden and a skewer inserted into the middle of the cake comes out clean.

3. Leave the cake in the tin (out of the oven, of course) for 10 min, then extract it and finish cooling on a rack. Meanwhile, make the drizzle and whip the cream (if it's not thick enough already).

To serve:
As dessert - I cut pieces in half and put cream in between them. Put more cream on the top and drizzle your drizzle over that. 

As breakfast - I ate mine with butter and honey. And coffee - lots of coffee.

How much did this cost me?

I used all organic ingredients - and my cake came to just under $3. Cream could break the budget, though ... we have a real fondness for cream around here ...

Have a lovely weekend everyone!
Amanda xx


  1. Hi! I love your blog and looking at this recipe is making me really hungry! Just wondering if you had any suggestions for substitutes for maize flour that might be easier to locate :)



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