How to Have a Picnic

My friend Justine has the same birthday as I do ... and this year to celebrate we'll be on a farm in a verdant valley, sipping glasses of red in the sunshine while our hubbies wait on us hand and foot, and our children play contentedly and peacefully ...

or, at least that's the plan.

Currently we're on the road ... driving down to our little Paradise ...

We stayed last night at a lawn bowls club, had a walk around a country town, and then made ourselves a picnic good enough to rival any - on plastic table overlooking the bowling lawn. Which got me thinking ... what makes a good picnic?

It's easy.

1. A mix of colours
As a general rule I try to include at least 3 or 4 different colours - green, red, whatever you've got!

2. A mix of textures
Crunchy. Creamy. Crisp. Chewy. Try to have foods of each texture as part of your picnic.

3. A mix of flavours
Include foods that are tart, sweet, salty, or spicy - and you can put them together in whatever combination you'd like ...

4. Make it pretty
Use dishes and glasses and cloth napkins. Make bouquets out of crisp greens. As far as picnics go, appearance really is everything

5. Share it with your favourite people
And this is the most important part of all!

So happy, happy picnicking - wherever you are today!
Amanda xx


  1. There aren't any farms near me (that are beautiful and sprawling) or where I can find fresh meat. Your picnic plans sound fantastic!
    Wish I could be where you are-- California isn't having good picnic weather (but good stay-at-home-and-get-fat weather hehe)

  2. Yep! We've survived the rain and now it's allllll sun. Love being outside now!! What are you making to stay at home and get fat with ? ;)


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