How to Use Up Milk

Seriously, why would you pass up the chance to buy milk at less than 1/2 price? Beautiful, organic milk for less than the cost of your standard non-organic varieities?

I'll bet you're nervous about it. What if something's wrong with it? What if I buy it, and end up throwing it out anyway? 

Yes, well those are all fair thoughts. But I've got some ideas for you, so you can go right ahead stock up and make use of marked-down milk.

(You can also use these tips for any close-to-date milk you have at home. I know you hate wasting it ... )

Some grocery stores will mark down milk products as they approach their use-by dates. This means, basically, that you'll only have a few days to use it up. But that's not really a problem, if you have some handy recipes up your sleeve.

1. I love to make it into yogurt!

2. You can also put some into the freezer (for when you get home from a week's holiday).

3. Make your own ricotta, to use in lasagne or dessert or whatever you like to use ricotta for ....

4. Make recipes that use up a lot of milk! Some of my favourites are:

5. Make a natural mildew-repellant for your garden
Just add equal portions of milk + water and spray onto plants affected by mildew. (We get alot of this in humid Brisbane ... ) Repeat every few days!

6. Make a skin cleanser
Using a cottonball, gently wipe milk over your face to remove dirt and makeup. You don't even have to rinse if you don't want to.

Have any other good ideas for using up milk? Please share them in the comments section below!

PS. I get most of my marked-down organic milk here!

Amanda xx


  1. Sorry! I've been having trouble with my comments forms ... if you've written a comment and don't see it - I'm trying to find them again :)

  2. Great ideas! Most times when I buy milk it just goes into cereal or baking and I try to eat up more and more as the "use by" date fast approaches... Never even thought I could use it in so many ways! Thanks for the tips!

  3. Thanks so much for making me the blog of the week! I'm honored.

  4. @Ashley Ashley - Not Without Salt is *very* inspiring!


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